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My rite of writing right.

September 10, 2014 at 12:53pm

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They don’t care what you wear 

as long as you stare

at the trusses of the houses 

moving throats and fleeing mouses

will have matches on their tails 

burning structures down to nails 

and uttering pikes; 

you’ll wet my eyes

but in the shadows I will hide

and smile bravely 

removing fuels

for your ego to abuse

so in the end I have the plans 

and you; the pen. 

August 4, 2014 at 4:00am

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I’m afraid one or more egomaniacal narcissists are repainting me
for your metal convenience
to validate our profound level 
of disconnection  
and it’s become way too easy for you
to be the coldest person I know.
To be in a room with 6 other people
and pretend I don’t exist…

you’re still wrong about things. 
Just because we don’t talk 
Doesn’t mean you don’t have a mirror 
that you’ll have to look in one day 
and maybe see a glimmer of who I am 
instead of the broad strokes I’ve been covered in 
How long can you deceive yourself? 

You  make angels out of demons 
and demons out of angels. 
Horrid people get your best face 
because you expect nothing of them 
the greatest people get your worst 
because you expect everything. 

July 12, 2014 at 3:59pm

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This is a departure. I promise to write nearly all words here, but I just want to share with the world all the great things friends of mine have done. These are some of my favorite people and they are all wonderful songwriters.

July 7, 2014 at 3:48am

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Be inferior to be love superior.


Abuse is an insatiable replacement for, and often confused for love, or as a means to get love.  Abuse takes many more forms than sexual and physical (emotional, spiritual, verbal, economic, etc.) and is technically something we all do most days.  Abuse can be so nuanced that others don’t even notice it (not even the recipient). This is important to know for my own health, the health of all my relationships, and my own peace of mind. To know if the things I say are abusive should not be contingent upon the thickness of someone else’s skin, but the product of me being mindful of my intentions and desires.

Abuse gets intensified when it does not have the intended, “if I do A they will do B” result and then the abuser will resort to intensifying the abuse to get the desired result. The result, however, is not love: it is attention, attachment or emotional domination (IE: breaking someone’s will). These are imaginary forms of love that come out of a warped perception of the desire for love.

Any love that happens has nothing to do with what one does to get it. Love doesn’t give a shit about what you do to get it; we just get it. Love is (for all intents and purposes) something someone gives, not something that can be taken from someone. You can’t trick someone into it. It is their decision. Abuse and manipulation only create imaginary love. If real love happens in the midst of abuse, the abuser has received a gift from someone who is loving in SPITE of the abuse, not because of it. When one thinks they have abused someone into love they are only able to receive and understand imaginary love. If the abused truly loves the abuser, the abuser cannot see it; they can only see the fruit of their labor (imaginary love) because it is perceived as a reward for their effort/abuse.

As I strive to be more mindful of my intentions and desires I can also ask myself the following amazing question, “Am I being love?” To me that is the ultimate question. I wrote “for all intents and purposes” earlier because my true belief is that love is not a feature we have, but we are a feature that love has. Abuse comes out of forgetting that fact and attempting to get something that you already are and already have. So to ask myself if I am being love, I am asking myself if I am being myself. To me, people are either loving each other through existing as love or having an identity crisis.

Related Tips:
- For some, there is great power in the acceptance that they are inferior. The kind that leads to freedom and creative flow. 

- Do not always consider the desired result of an action. Just think of action as an extension of your identity that needs no guaranteed results. 

I’m mostly used a “I”, “me” or “one/a person” tense to not sound pushy, but if it does not offend you, try peppering in a “we” or “you”  sort of phrasing to taste. I could be just a silly goose who knows nothing, or I could be feeling out a notion that is helpful to others as well. I suspect things sometimes sink in better when you think of them from the first person as a means of exploration. 

We are love and I’m so glad about it.

July 3, 2014 at 11:14am

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Gendery thoughts. Entry# 07032014:

(As always, this is based on my limited understanding of all things and I’m probably still fairly ignorant about pretty much everything)…

I see a lot of posts in my FB feed about how horrible rotten things men are. Abusive men are kind of ruining everything for everyone. It makes decent human beings afraid to interact because either the person you would want to talk to might be disgusting or you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone because the idea of approaching a stranger feels like you’ll get pegged as a creep just for talking to a stranger (no matter what you say). These scenarios aren’t always the case with everyone, but I think it’s often enough to write it down and consider.

It sucks to live in a world where it seems like most men are disgusting. The ones that respect your personal space and don’t harass you often assume you don’t want to be talked to because it would start under the presumption that it’s unwanted attention. It makes it less obvious that the majority of men may very well be decent human beings because the loudest voices are those of ignorant entitled abusers that harass/cat call/grab at you/or worse.

If you’re a decent guy who sees women as human beings, you should probably talk to women a lot in a platonic fashion. I really think there needs to be a lot more, “yeah this guy just asked how my day was and wished me well. He didn’t want anything from me and just went his merry way.”

There might be a better idea than that, but we gotta fight the loud abusive voices somehow. We need to make friendly interaction cool again. Honestly, this will only work in the favor of us men. Last time I checked, chicks really dig decent human beings. Also you’ll get better at talking to women. Also you’ll treat women better. Also you’ll feel closer to women and appreciate them on a new and profound level.

If I can be sexist for a moment… I think think women are unbelievably kind, patient and gracious. They have to maintain a benefit of the doubt in their mind for each new male they interact with and have it broken over and over. My current thought is that a male privilege is not having to work as hard on maintaining and preserving the eventual gift of love and trust in the midst of a society that seems to suggest that a man worthy of love and trust might be a myth.

June 23, 2014 at 7:26pm

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Here’s the demo for the song Iv’e been working on for a couple weeks now. This recording is fully analog (reel to reel) transferred to digital. My first homespun analog recording. 


Half the sunlight in the world, is your face
and the other half exists inside the space
Of which I haven’t found a way to crack it like an egg
and let its contents shine upon my face

Half the music in the word is your name
and the other half seems to be erased
And if I was allowed to sing one last song to you
it would be about how I have gone insane
Believing I have died and dwell inside an empty world
Where I can do anything but see your face.

You’re alright
and it haunts me
You survive
and it haunts me
You can try 
without me
you are strong
-er than me

Keeping things inside is what creates every decline
and is the catalyst that disintegrates

Incompatibility for seven years I can’t believe
nothing could be done to save us
cold required silence makes the

heart in you grow cold for me
Your self fulfilling prophecy 
That I haven’t made a change
one mistake I’m the same

But asking why your sad is not a
curse it isn’t bad and if you walked my way 
a little bit you’s see that I care in all of it 

When you ask, 
You’ll ask those who say I’m alright
When you ask, 
You’ll ask those who say I’m alright
When you ask, 
You’ll ask me when you I’ve got to say I’m alright

But I’m not doing very well
I’m not doing very well
I’m not doing very well
I’m not doing very well
Oh I’m not doing very well

But you’re alright
and it haunts me
You can try
and it haunts me
That you survive
without me
'cause you are strong
-er than me

half the sunlight in the world is  your face
and the other half seems to be erased